Correction - Re: Regular Expression Question

Ken Ray kray at
Tue Jul 10 11:46:09 EDT 2007

On Tue, 10 Jul 2007 10:20:10 -0500, Ken Ray wrote:

> You'd get "9,9" in the message box - the first hit. So you need to 
> reverse the "greediness" of the match using the (?U) directive. This 
> one works to find the last occurrence:
> on mouseUp
>   if matchChunk("(?U)approved_by_code","(_)",tStart,tEnd) then
>     put tStart,tEnd
>   else
>     put "not found"
>   end if
> end mouseUp

Sorry, this turns out to be incorrect and is affected by the "(?U)" 
directive which is in the wrong place - I'd use Gordon's instead.

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