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Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at barncard.com
Mon Jul 9 19:29:57 EDT 2007

Jan, this file doesn't seem to be a complete stack -- the 'bang' and 
other header stuff isn't there and

go URL "http://www.quartam.com/tutorials/pdfmetadata.rev"
go URL "http://www.quartam.com/tutorials/pdfmetadata.legacy.rev"

gets rejected by Rev with a 'no such card' error...


>Hi Bryan,
>Sorry to answer so late, but I didn't get around to
>this flagged email until now. As I ought to know a
>thing or two about the PDF file format, I gave it a
>You can download the result from:
>Or if you have an older version of Revolution:
>The magic is in the card script.
>It seems to do the trick for the collection of PDF
>files I dropped onto it; files created with the
>Quartam PDF Library were easy enough (as I like
>creating clean files), but I had a bit more work to
>get other files to display the results properly.
>If you find PDF files that it cannot extract the
>information from, while you can display it in Adobe
>Reader or Preview, feel free to send them to me so I
>can tweak the stack.
>Hope this helped,
>Jan Schenkel.


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