Problem Creating an Alias

Dave dave at
Mon Jul 9 10:44:52 EDT 2007


I have the following on a button:

on mouseUp
   local myFilePathName
   local myAliasFilePathName

   put "/Users/Dave/Desktop/DavesTest/" into  
   put "/Documents/HFPA-Server/HFPA-JobInput/  
alias" into myAliasFilePathName

   create alias myAliasFilePathName to file myFilePathName
end mouseUp

A file gets created, but it's NOT an alias file. According to the  
Finder Get File Info command  it's a 4K QuickTime Movie.

If I create an Alias to the file in finder, then the file created is  
"Alias" file according to the get info command.

How can I create an Alias to a file?

Thanks a Lot
All the Best

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