Open mail on Windows

Signe Marie Sanne Signe.Sanne at
Mon Jul 9 08:44:03 EDT 2007

On Windows NT, with latest engines and MetaCard 2.8.1, the following script 
does not work any more. Suggestions?

   put "Mailto:" & hvor into tEmailAddress
   if "Mac" is in platform() then
     put "open location" && quote &  tEmailAddress & quote into s
     do s as AppleScript
   end if
   if the platform = "win32" then
     put empty into tTitle
     set hideConsoleWindows to true
     if "NT" is in systemVersion() then
       set the shellCommand to "cmd.exe"
       put quote & quote into tTitle
     end if
     get shell("Start" &&tTitle && quote & tEmailAddress & quote)

Signe Marie Sanne

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