Creating Transparent Object "Buttons"

Steven Axtell saxtell at
Sun Jul 8 20:05:50 EDT 2007


Thanks for the information.  You saved me a ton of time trying to figure
that out.


> Steve ,
> >>>
> I am trying to create a polygonal-shaped transparent object that will act
> a button.  I know that SuperCard had that capability.  When I create a
> transparent object (rectangle, rounded rectangle, etc.) in Revolution I am
> not able to click the interior of the object and get it to respond like a
> button (if there is a border, clicking the border gives a response).
> <<<
> In Revolution, create the object you want -- filled and opaque -- and set
> the blendLevel to 100.
> An object with no fill literally has nothing in the interior to capture
> mouse events; that's why it only works to click the border.
> - Bill
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