Base64 conversion

Ken Ray kray at
Sun Jul 8 13:17:23 EDT 2007

On Sun, 8 Jul 2007 10:28:09 -0400, Javier Miranda V. wrote:

> Sorry for UL the stack will never happen again, and thank you very 
> much for your reply, I don't know how I missed base64encode!

Listen, Javier - I've been using Revolution since it began and MetaCard 
before it for years, and I *still* encounter tokens I didn't know where 
there! So don't feel too bad...


> Does anybody in the list knows something about an encryption 
> algorithm called RC4? or Alleged RC4?  I have seen implentations of 
> it in Python and Perl, and wold like to port it to Transcript.

Not that I'm aware of, but the page at Wikipedia 
( seems to imply that the method to 
convert it to Transcript should be reasonably easy...

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