Answer Dialog Position, Again

Shari shari at
Fri Jul 6 17:15:58 EDT 2007

I'm a bit late to this thread.  I found it only because I was having 
trouble and searched the archives.  My answer was opening not only in 
the top right third of the screen but partway OFF the screen on 
MacOSX in development mode.  I added my votes to this known 


I found a solution, not elegant but it works.  I did not want to 
change the actual code in the Ask/Answer dialogs as I don't want to 
have to remember to do this every time I get a new version.


     set the visible of stack "Answer Dialog" to false
     answer whatever
     set the loc of stack "Answer Dialog" to the loc of stack yourAppStack
     show stack "Answer Dialog"

I chose not to use the topstack for the loc as for my purposes I want 
it to be centered on the application and not any other open stacks.


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