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Fri Jul 6 14:25:28 CDT 2007

Kay C Lan wrote:

> Unfortunately, Rev and CopyPaste don't get on :-(

I have a frontscript that lives in a plugin and automatically gets put 
in use whenever I launch Rev. Adding scriptpaint to it was a one-liner, 
I just did it a couple of minutes ago since it seems like such a great idea.

In case anyone else might find this useful, here are some details. The 
handler does these things:

1. Uses the standard HC keystrokes to edit card and stack scripts 
(Cmd-Opt-C and Cmd-Opt-S.) After 20 years of xtalk work, these are 
hard-coded into my brain. They are also the keystrokes MC uses, so I 
don't have to remember to change my habits when I'm in Rev.

2. Uses the standard HC keystroke Cmd-Opt-B to edit the first background 
(group) script if there is one. I do a lot of HC conversions, and every 
HC stack has a background on every card. Most of the time, this gets me 
where I want to go.

3. Exits if the target is not the script editor. If it is, checks to see 
if the shift key is down as well as the Command key. If so, executes 
these shortcuts:

4. Cmd-Shift-quote: put quotes around the selected text. If there is no 
selection, a pair of quotes is inserted with nothing between. I use it 
mostly for fixing imported HC scripts containing unquoted literals.

5. Cmd-Shift-equals or Cmd-Shift-hyphen: inserts the special marker I 
use for comments I want to look at again later. Has two triggers because 
I sometimes miss when I reach to the top of the keyboard without looking.

6. Cmd-Shift-9 or Cmd-Shift-0: bracket the selection with parentheses. 
If no selection, inserts a pair of parentheses. Good for writing 
functions or visually enclosing segments of multiple "if"s. Doesn't 
backtrack (see next.)

7. Cmd-Shift-[ or Cmd-Shift-]: same as parentheses, but inserts square 
brackets for arrays. This one also backtracks the insertion point so you 
can start typing in between them. I didn't backtrack for parentheses 
because most of the time I add parentheses to existing text. You could 
change it.

8. Cmd-Shift-space: New addition, does scriptPaint. Inserts the word 
under the mouse into the selection.

Here is the handler (watch for wrap):

on commandKeyDown whichKey
   -- HyperActive Software: Revolution and MetaCard frontscript
   if the optionKey is down and "revLibrary.rev" is in the frontscripts then
     switch whichKey
     case "s"
       edit script of this stack
     case "c"
       edit script of this cd
     end switch
     exit commandKeyDown
   end if
   if whichKey = "b" and there is a grp 1 then edit script of grp 1
   if "editor field" is not in the name of the target \
       or the shiftkey is not down
   then pass commandKeyDown
   switch whichKey
   case "'"
     put quote & the selection & quote into the selection
   case "="
   case "-"
     put " -" & "-" & "#"&"#"&"#" into the selection
   case "9"
   case "0"
     put "(" & the selection & ")" into the selection
   case "["
   case "]"
     get the selection
     put "[" & it & "]" into the selection
     if it = "" then
       put the selectedchunk into tSel
       put word 4 of tSel into word 2 of tSel
       put (word 4 of tSel) - 1 into word 4 of tSel
       select tSel
     end if
   case " " -- scriptPaint
     put the mousetext into the selection
     pass commandKeyDown
   end switch
end commandKeyDown

To make this load when Rev launches, put the handler into a button 
script in a new stack. Put this handler into the stack script:

on revPreOpenStack
   if "myScripts" is not in the frontscripts
   then insert the script of btn "myScriptBtn" into front
end revPreOpenStack

Put the stack in your plugins folder. Relaunch Rev. Use the Plugins 
Setting (Development menu) to open the stack invisibly when Rev starts 
up. Select "revPreOpenStack" from the list of messages to send.

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