Windows and screens...

David Bovill david at
Fri Jul 6 14:29:32 EDT 2007

If I change screen dimensions or arrangement on a second monitor (at least
on OSX) Rev behaves very differently to other applications. Stacks cannot be
positioned properly and jump around. Specifically if the screen arrangement
is one in which the top of the second screen is above the top of the main
screen - any stacks positioned on the second screen cannot be placed above
the line of the top of the main screen - jumping down. Next if you make
changes to the screen arrangement so that the larger second screen aligns
with the top of the main screen (and so extends below), you can place and
resize the stack using almost the entire second screen - but not using the
to 20 or so pixels (ie the same area that would have the OSX menu bar if it
were active on the second screen).

Is an engine thing or a front script IDE bug - that we can fix easily with a
little scripting?

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