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Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Fri Jul 6 10:17:34 EDT 2007

I posted this to the IMPROVE list but nobody with an INTEL mac has 
confirmed this. This appears to be a problem ONLY with INTEL versions 
of REV. Please help me confirm this. Demo stack link below.

  Sometimes we design text fields with their background a dark color 
and the foreground a light color. In order to create and edit text in 
these situation the INSERTION POINT must reverse from black to white 
(or an inverse of the textcolor) and the INSERTION CURSOR must do the 
same or else it cannot be seen.

This makes very difficult any text editing where the background of 
the field is dark and the text is light. I do not have a INTEL native 
text editor handy that can do a black background to see if this is a 
OS problem.

I've seen this reported as BUG 4033

In REV 2.8.1 on INTEL MacbookPRO MacOS 10.4.10 it appears that this 
reversal never happens with the INSERTION CURSOR, yet the INSERTION 
POINT does reverse.  As I use the Chalkboard motif in Galaxy, I 
started noticing this, and in fact it has made working that way 

My point is - this has to be something the engine provides or a 
MacOSX INTEL bug, as the cursor will always change to the 'official' 
INSERTION CURSOR when hovering above an unlocked text field and just 
creating a special white INSERTION CURSOR will not work.

Please consider voting for this... BUG 4033

demo stack at

go URL ""

demo movie  (1 mb)


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