for anyone curious about Linux byond Ubuntu...

Scott Kane scott at
Fri Jul 6 04:55:31 EDT 2007

From: "Peter Alcibiades" <palcibiades-first at>

> For anyone curious about Linux, and  who has not yet gone beyond Ubuntu, 
> elive, one of my favourite projects, has just reached their 1.0 release.
> This is about as amazing a visual and desktop experience as  you can get, 
> and what you might have expected from a developer with the name of

It's interesting and certainly refreshing UI wise compared to other nix's. 
My only gripe (which I also have about Vista) is it seems predominently very 
dark.  I'd love to see something on nix that took the approach (not actually 
copying) the thought behind OS X.  Note I'm a Windows user primarily so I'm 
not a Mac zealot, but to me MS could learn from Apple and perhaps Ubuntu or 
even elive could do the same?

Scott Kane 

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