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Tereza Snyder tereza at califex.com
Thu Jul 5 09:41:58 EDT 2007

On Jul 4, 2007, at 5:24 PM, Judy Perry wrote:

> It may take some time.  I think I remember reading somewhere that  
> birds
> even practice their songs in their sleep.  I think the researchers
> monitored brain waves or some such thing to show that the birds would
> silently rehearse in their sleep.

Boca, my 10-year-old pet starling DID rehearse in his sleep. I raised  
him from a naked hatchling and always talked to him while I fed him.  
When he was about six weeks old,  I heard him mumbling while he was  
napping with his head tucked into his back feathers: "boca boca boca  
he's a boca, he's a boca boy..."

I'm thinking of adopting Jacque's strategy using my old laptop to  
train the juvenile starling, Bico, that the cat dragged in the other  


ps. It is legal to keep starlings in the US. They are not native birds.

Tereza Snyder
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