How to select and move an image using 1 mouse click?

Ian McKnight iangmcknight at
Thu Jul 5 07:39:31 EDT 2007


I have written an application which allows the user to choose an image
by clicking on a button displaying an icon sized representation of the
image. The image appears (it is copied from a custom prop into a
'blank' image) and can then be moved under mouse control to any
location on the screen. This process takes two mouse clicks; the first
to select the shape and the second to grab the image itself, and works

However the affect I would like is that as soon as I mousedown on the
button, my larger image appears under the mouse which can then be
dragged to any location on the screen before being released ie a one
click solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Ian McKnight

iangmcknight at

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