What I did with Rev last night

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Wed Jul 4 13:12:15 EDT 2007

I have a ditzy canary that was taken from his parents too early. Male 
canaries need to learn to sing, and during their first year they listen 
to other males, extract portions of various songs, and recombine pieces 
into a song that is their own. This song identifies them to other 
canaries and every male's song is unique.

Unfortunatly my little guy had no one to learn from, so he has been 
belting out songs copied from wild birds he hears through the window, in 
particular, the mourning doves that hang out on our roof. I heard him 
practicing carefully for weeks ("ooooh-oo-oo. Oo. Oo." Sung with a 
litttle trill.) It's very funny, but not really a song that a decent 
canary would be proud of.

I looked at CDs you can purchase to teach your canary to sing, but 
figured I could do better. So I downloaded some sample mp3 canary files 
from a web site, tossed in a few I recorded from my previous canary, and 
made a little stack that plays back random songs at random time 
intervals. It took me about 20 minutes to write.

This morning I started the stack running and my little bird is 
responding, singing his mourning dove call at the top of his voice. Then 
he listens intently. With luck, he'll learn some new tunes. The house is 
full of bird song, it's lovely.

It is so satisfying to be able to write whatever I need. Anyone else 
done little personal stacks with Rev lately?

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