quitting is too complicated

Björnke von Gierke bvg at mac.com
Tue Jul 3 15:21:37 CDT 2007

I seldom make applications, but I've run into these problems when I 
tried to make my first os x standalone this year:

1. command-q does never produce closestackrequest.
2. closing the stack does leave the application running (as long as 
there is any other stack in memory).

Therefore I had to use three messages (reposted below). Please someone 
tell me that I missed the one correct message for intercepting quitting 
and saving a stack :(

on closeStackRequest
   if the environment <> "development" then
   end if
   pass closeStackRequest
end closeStackRequest

on shutdownRequest
   if the environment <> "development" then
     save this stack
   end if
   pass shutdownRequest
end shutdownRequest

on appleEvent theID, theEvent
   if theID = "aevt" and theEvent = "quit" and the environment <> 
"development" then
     save this stack
   end if
   pass appleEvent
end appleEvent


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