Auto-update architecture on Windows...dealing with bulk

Mark E. Powell runrev at
Tue Jul 3 09:08:07 CDT 2007

On Windows, and am using the auto-update architecture, i.e. a compiled auto-loader app that pulls non-compiled main stack updates from the network.  I have two questions that I would like advice on.

How to optimize the bulk:  Given that the auto-loader should avoid having to update itself, and given then that the main stack constitutes the baggage that has to be schlepped around, does it not make sense to remove hefty and unlikely-to-change elements from the main stack and put them into the auto-loader?  For example, UI image elements that add a lot to the file size of the main stack could instead be anchored in the auto-loader.  In other words, what are the ramifications to me saying:  

"If element X will not change, put it into the auto-loader half."

How do I distribute this architecture on CD, without requiring that the user be connected to the network.  In the non-CD delivery, I state that first use requires connectivity.  But I would like the ability to provide the entire thing on disk as well.  Do I need an installer that wraps everything?



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