lifURL -- FTP upload folder

Sivakatirswami katir at
Tue Jul 3 00:48:01 EDT 2007

Mark Talluto wrote:
> On Jun 28, 2007, at 7:55 PM, Sivakatirswami wrote:
>> I'm not finding a facile cmd in libURL for uploading an entire directory.
>> libUrlFtpUploadFolder  does not exist
>> Am I missing something?
>> Of course we can jump thru hoops and do a "mkdir" first and
>> then repeat loop thru the files using libURLDownloadToFile
>> for each one in the new folder, but I was hoping for something
>> already glued together ... Anyone have script for this already done?
>> or is there a "secret" libURL cmd not in the docs?
> Hello Sivakatirswami,
> You can take a look at my simple FTP program on RevNet "CS FTP".  It has 
> a routine that will do just that for you.
> <>
> Mark Talluto

Mark, got it thanks!

btw... poking around your web site.... does your multi-media presentation
tool box do the two screen thing? ala PowerPoint and KeyNote where
the projector plugged into the external monitor (monitor 2)
automatically defaults becoming is the primary screen for the viewing
audience  and on the actual CPU  internal screen, running the
show there are presentor's notes tied to the slide that appears
in the external window (projector....)

I'm thinking this can be done now with Rev 2 monitor support, but
would need to be built from the ground up...

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