Deleting files on Vista

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Jul 2 13:07:46 CDT 2007

Dave Cragg wrote:
> On 1 Jul 2007, at 17:30, Ken Ray wrote:
>> That's correct - anything that gets virtualized ends up being
>> virtualized for only that user... so until we get a tool that lets our
>> apps get elevated permission levels on Vista (hint, hint, RunRev?), we
>> cannot install in a universally accessible area to all users without
>> having someone with a specific set of permissions log in and do it.
> I see Rev's own updater tool is affected by this. (Need to set the app 
> to "Run as Administrator" to get it to work.)

I don't have Vista yet but I know this is going to come up for my 
clients eventually. Could someone give a step by step instruction for 
setting an app to run as administrator, something that I can quote until 
I break down and get my own copy?

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