[OT] iPhone anyone?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Mon Jul 2 00:38:55 EDT 2007

Chipp Walters wrote:

> On 7/1/07, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at fourthworld.com> wrote:
>> No iPhone for me.  I'm holding out for a device with:
> - Video (HD)
> Check on Video Playback, No check on Video record

Yes, should have clarified:  not just video playback, but needs to also 
be a digital camcorder.

> - Internet/web/email
> Big check (unless you need to use Flash)

Because Apple chose to use last year's slower technology for connection, 
maybe this one's half a check?

> - Optional satellite phone service module
> (You're kidding, right?)

Actually, I'm dead serious on this one.  Or more literally, not dead 
because I'm serious on this one:  Some of the places I go backpacking 
are pretty remote, and none of them get cell service.  I've looked into 
personal locator beacons, but that's a far less flexible option than 
having a satellite phone.  PLBs do have some advantages for providing 
precise location (though the integrated GPS in this proposed device 
takes care of that), but they're not the right tool for the job if all 
you want to do is let your gal know you'll be a few hours late.

True, some locations and weather conditions give satellite phones less 
than truly global coverage, but if you like to get off the beaten path 
having a sat phone can be a life saver.  Renting them is cheap enough, 
but I'd so love to have it as an optional module for my dream phone.

  > - OPEN ARCHITECTURE so I can write my own programs for it
> Not even close to a check.

Yesh, that's really the biggest one for me.

>> When such a device appears, it'll rule the world.
> I don't think so...but it's just my opinion. One of the problems with iPhone
> and other Smartphones, is the fact that their batteries do double duty. So,
> if you run out of juice watching a movie, then you're not only dead in the
> water as far as iTunes goes, your phone is also dead-- which for most people
> is much more serious than finding out whodunnit at the end of a mystery
> podcast. With some Smartphones, you can replace the battery, which helps.
> Sadly, the designers of iPhone cared more about slick looks than a seemingly
> important feature like a replaceable battery. It will be interesting to see
> how this ends up playing out.

Yes, very important consideration about the battery, which reminds me 
about the other item I forgot from my wish-list:

- Comes with solar recharger unit

This one's compact and very stylish:

The One-Watt Initiative was the frontier for consumer electronics design 
in the 1990s (all that "energy vampire" stuff). In the 21st century, I 
believe the next frontier for designers of consumer electronics is 
complete energy independence.

I expect to see a lot of small rechargers coming out in the next couple 
years.  Making the smarter ones available in bundles with products like 
the iPhone seems a logical step forward, and lets the bundling company
take advantage of this current larger-than-ever interest in marketing 
products that move the Green Revolution forward.

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