[OT] iPhone anyone?

Chipp Walters chipp at chipp.com
Sun Jul 1 23:07:51 CDT 2007

Well, Let's see how many of your checklist iPhone satisfies...

On 7/1/07, Richard Gaskin <ambassador at fourthworld.com> wrote:
> No iPhone for me.  I'm holding out for a device with:
> - Phone


- Still camera (5mpx or greater

Check (but not 5mpx)

- Video (HD)

Check on Video Playback, No check on Video record

- Voice recorder

No check (wonder why?)

- MP3/OGG player

iTunes plays mp3, but I don't think OGG. 1/2 a check.


While iPhone has a Map application, it doesn't "know" where itself is. No

- AM, FM, NOAA/weather band, and most importantly Shortwave radio

No check

- Internet/web/email

Big check (unless you need to use Flash)

- Optional satellite phone service module

(You're kidding, right?)

- OPEN ARCHITECTURE so I can write my own programs for it

Not even close to a check.

All of these technologies are available cheaply enough right now, but
> they require a Batman utility belt to wear them all.


I don't think it's too much to ask to have all of these in one device
> for under $500, which is about what it costs to replicate parts buying
> these separately today (well, except for the sat. phone, which is still
> way overpriced right now).
> When such a device appears, it'll rule the world.

I don't think so...but it's just my opinion. One of the problems with iPhone
and other Smartphones, is the fact that their batteries do double duty. So,
if you run out of juice watching a movie, then you're not only dead in the
water as far as iTunes goes, your phone is also dead-- which for most people
is much more serious than finding out whodunnit at the end of a mystery
podcast. With some Smartphones, you can replace the battery, which helps.
Sadly, the designers of iPhone cared more about slick looks than a seemingly
important feature like a replaceable battery. It will be interesting to see
how this ends up playing out.

So, another prediction: Watch out for a plethora of 3rd party battery
backups for iPhone.

PS: I can't help but ask if anyone noticed that the iPhone UI has no
> menu bar at all?  :)   Hmmmm....

Am I hearing another Gaskin prediction? Let's see, you predicted Intel and
the two button mouse-- dare you go out on a limb?

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