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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Sun Jul 1 14:13:20 EDT 2007

Martin Meili wrote:
> hi
> I've got two stacks. From the first stack I open the second stack as a 
> drawer. The "drawer stack" generates a psssword. As long as the two 
> stacks are just stacks (not standalones) they work perfectly.
> If I make a standalone of the first stack, I can still open the second 
> stack as a drawer. But, now, the problem is, that the scripts of the 
> stack which should generate the new password don't work anymore. Is 
> there anybody who could me a hint?

It's hard to say what is going on without knowing where the different 
handlers are located. Does your password handler live in the drawer 
stack's card script? Stack script? Main stack? Does the handler refer to 
"this stack", which may not be the one you expect.

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