type ahead search and typing speed

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Sun Jul 1 14:04:40 EDT 2007

Francis Nugent Dixon wrote:
> Hi from Paris,
> Devin, I would just love to take a look at the
> "type ahead and search" stack, but I get an
> error message "no such card" when I execute
> your command from the message box.
> Is it because I run an "olde" version of Rev (2.6.1) ?

Yes. I've just sent you a copy saved in 2.4 format.

It would be helpful if list folks who generously offer stacks or who 
upload to RevOnline would always save in legacy format, since not 
everyone can open newer format stacks. The one exception would be for 
stacks that use syntax or features that require version 2.7 or higher. 
Requirements for these stacks should be mentioned in the description or 
announcement. Also, Media users cannot save in legacy format, so they 
should also mention that their contributions require Rev 2.7 (or ask 
someone with Studio or Enterprise to resave the stack for them.)

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