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Klaus Major klaus at
Sun Jul 1 05:48:27 CDT 2007

Hi Jim, Mark and Peter,

Am 30.06.2007 um 20:36 schrieb Jim Ault:

> I did my first answer without the "right before the suffix" part
> \d  means digit
> [^\d] means non-digit
> [^\d\n\.] means non-digit, not linefeed and not period
> Using replaceText makes the task a bit difficult but here is a  
> solution that
> works:
> --need to setup a condition where digits not followed by a period  
> can be
> located, then purge them
> --  "[\d]+q"  says locate runs of digits followed by a "q"
>   put replaceText( tolower(tFiles5),"[^\d\n\.]","q") into tFiles6
>   put replaceText( tFiles6,"[\d]+q", empty) into tFiles6
>   replace "q" with empty in tFiles6
>   replace "." with empty in tFiles6
>   filter tFiles6 without empty
> or (matchChunk /or/ matchText) repeat loop to grab the positive  
> matches for
> digit-followed-by-period strings

thank you very much for your input, will surely help me with my problem!

> Jim Ault
> Las Vegas


Klaus Major
klaus at

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