Deleting files on Vista

Scott Kane scott at
Sun Jul 1 06:24:36 EDT 2007

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> If anyone can suggest a solution, I'd be grateful.

The solution is not to use the Program Files folder for writing data *ever*. 
Short of turning off everything in Vista there is no solution here.  Your 
users are *never* admin's in the way they were in XP and before.  Even the 
Admin is not the admin.  When doing admin tasks your application itself has 
to be elevated to admin level and there is no way of doing this in Vista as 
far as I can find using Rev.  I do know programmers who are doing it in low 
level languages - but they are literally hacking Vista to do it.  Installing 
software does this with the co-operation of Vista.  "All Users" is the only 
folder (under My Documents) that is readable by all and can be set by the 

Scott Kane 

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