Deleting files on Vista

Dave Cragg dave.cragg at
Sun Jul 1 06:17:30 EDT 2007

A little more to add...

It seems I've also been hit by Vista Virtual Store issue. I don't  
think my situation is quite the same as others have described.

The app is for use in corporate envionments. It writes user-specific  
settings to the appropriate AppData folder on the user's account.  
This part works fine.

But there are a few settings that are intended to work globally for  
all users on the computer and these settings should only be made by  
someone with "admin" rights on the computer.  "admin rights" are  
considered to be anyone who can write to the app folder within the  
Program Files folder. The app tries to write a small file to the same  
location as the executable at startup. If this succeeds, the user is  
considered an "admin" and can make the global settings. These  
settings are written to a config file in the Application folder  
(presumably in Program Files).

This worked very nicely in XP, and generally fitted in with the  
various security/installation policies at different companies.

But Vista produces these results:

Writing a file to the application folder appears to work for all  
users, so all users are able to make the "global" changes.
The "global" changes in fact are written to the users Virtual Store,  
and so don't apply to everyone.

I don't have an answer to this yet. Switching the "compatibility"  
setting on the app seems to have no effect on the Virtual Store  

If anyone can suggest a solution, I'd be grateful.


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