Quicktime -- >Vista

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Mon Feb 26 19:54:37 EST 2007

I'm getting reports from Vista users that our Revolution Hinduism Today 
Digital Edition stand alone for Windows is working fine on a Vista 
machine (Andre was smart enough to  have the app write data files to 
directories that seem to have survived the transition from XP to Vista...)

Basically this is just a PDF library manager with a lot of bells and 
whistles for talking
to the web server... and the calls to boot PDF's into Acrobat 7 on Vista 
also survived
the upgrade...

But! One user says: "I went to both the Quicktime and Realplayer web
sites and neither has a player that is compatible with Vista yet."

Is QT not compatible with Vista?

This is a very "naive" user so I don't trust a report
from him that something is not working on his machine.

At least our PDF delivery frame work survived.

<moan> But solid "rich media" delivery across all platforms
still suffers from many pitfalls.
</end moan>


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