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Dave dave at
Mon Feb 26 08:23:08 EST 2007


Yes, time would work, or would be better to have it so you had to  
mouse up, mouse down (select the object) and then mouse down again to  
move it. In conjunction with this, would it be better to have an area  
of the object that must be clicked on before movement is allowed?  
Obviously we'd want it work ok with Windows and I don't really have  
much experience using Windows tools and so don't know would be  

All the Best

  I agree the keyboard doesn't need to be de-bounced. o

On 26 Feb 2007, at 13:04, Marielle Lange wrote:

> Hi Dave,
> Why not use time rather than distance? If the move was done within  
> 200 milliseconds (or whatever is suitable), debounce. That way, you  
> can keep the changes even when 1 pixel away but the mouse left down  
> long enough.
> Alternatively, you could have the rule that this debouncing only  
> applies to mouse movements. If I use the arrowkeys to move the  
> selectedobject by one pixel, then no debouncing takes place.
> Marielle
> On 26 Feb 2007, at 12:27, Dave wrote:
>> Hi,
>> No, not yet. I'm not sure what the best method of "de-bouncing"  
>> would be in this case. If anyone would care to make some  
>> suggestions then we can talk about the various merits, decide  
>> which is the best and I'd be happy to put in a enhancement request.
>> All the Best
>> Dave
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