Samba lessons needed

Bob Warren bobwarren at
Wed Feb 21 14:47:34 EST 2007

Further to my e-mail of a few minutes ago (the old story), I have 
discovered that not only do I not know how to dance the samba properly, 
Samba doesn't know either!

Now, if I type e.g. smbtree at the terminal, it asks for a password, but 
after that I no longer get a listing! So there is obviously something 
wrong with the operation of Samba in Ubuntu, and perhaps Rev is just 
getting lost in the middle of this buggy behaviour.

My provisional conclusion (apart from the bug) is perhaps that Samba 
should be accessed only with root permission anyway, and the fact that I 
previously got it to work without root permission was a fluke created by 
the bugs!

Any other thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.


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