Writing messages to the Command Line (stdout)

Luis luis at anachreon.co.uk
Fri Feb 16 05:09:58 EST 2007


Is it strictly necessary to have shell access for this? I'm thinking in 
terms of 95 and 98 compatibility, which I'll admit I'm not that familiar 
with as concerns RunRev.
Maybe you could get away with emulating it through a window that happens 
to look like a shell terminal...
If you _need_ input you could 'emulate' a DOS-GUI (remember those...!) 
and have point and click access instead of concerning yourself with 
parsing the text.



Derek Bump wrote:
> I'm trying to make one of my programs command-line accessable, so the 
> following would result in a command being executed...
>   myprogram.exe -action "path/to/infile.ext" "path/to/outfile.ext"
> The action would result in the program performing the action and then 
> quitting before the interface ever loads.  So far I am able to achieve 
> this, but I would like to be able to write a message to the 
> console/shell when the action is complete.  The message would be like 
> the following...
>   MyProgram (c) 2007 My Company
>   Successfully -actioned "path/to/infile.ext" as "path/to/outfile.ext"
> Or more simply, the following command...
>   myprogram.exe -help
> resulting in:
>   MyProgram (c) 2007 My Company
>   -action "infile" "outfile"
>   -another action "infile" "outfile"
> The target operating system for this type of behavior is Windows, and I 
> would like to be able to handle all flavors of Windows (95,98,XP,Vista, 
> etc.).  Does anyone have any guidance on how I write to the shell/console?
> Derek Bump
> Dreamscape Software
> http://www.dreamscapesoftware.com/
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