How to Display/Print a Hex Number???

Mark Smith mark at
Tue Feb 13 05:23:39 CST 2007

If it's a revolution number, you can use <put baseConvert(myStatus, 
10,16)>, if it's a 4 byte binary value, you can

put empty into tHexStatus
get binaryDecode("H*", myStatus, tHexStatus)

and tHexStatus should now contain the value as as hex chars.

Hope this helps,


On 13 Feb 2007, at 10:52, Dave wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a parameter that is passed back to RunRev in a Variable from  
> an External Command, e.g. the TranScript line is:
> put myExternalFunction("myHandle") into myStatus
> and the C/C++ line in the External is:
> SetVariableEx(theArgumentArrayPtr[0],"",&myHandle,&myStatus);
> I would now like to display the "handle" as a Hex Value in RunRev  
> but for the life of me I can't think how to do it! Guess my brain  
> has gone to sleep today! Any help would be appreciated!
> Thanks a lot and All the Best
> Dave
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