OT: One Customer's Experience with her Computer's Warranty

Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Mon Dec 31 16:35:32 EST 2007

Here's an even better one for you: A year ago when Microsoft was trying to 
get people into its new Expression line of software, they held events around 
the country showing off the product. I attended one; every presenter was 
using a Macbook or MacBook Pro, even the blue-badge Microsofties. If you 
took a photo of just the podium, you'd think the glowing Apple logos 
indicated a Mac conference!

"Neal Campbell K3NC" wrote...
> As an interesting aside, I am a member of a local dot net SIG that  meets 
> once a month. Last month, Microsoft held an installfest where  they gave 
> free copies of Visual Studio 2008 Pro to registered  attendees. At the 
> table I was at while installing it, the 3 other guys  were also using 
> their macbooks. Here we are at a microsoft meeting and  an entire table is 
> running Macs! FYI I was the only one running  bootcamp (others were using 
> parallels) and Vista (boy its slow  compared to XP).

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