[UPD] Media Browser 004

Shao Sean shaosean at wehostmacs.com
Sun Dec 30 21:50:38 EST 2007

THANKS to Mark Smith from Futility Software for the use of his ID3  
THANKS to Ken Ray for the code to open the system folder


Plugin for Rev 2.8.x that will allow you to easily browse media file
(images, audio, videos, fonts and objects) from within Rev.

- Place the file "revMedia.rev" into the plugins folder
- Select the "revMedia" from the "Development > Plugins" menu

- Double-click the file "revMedia.rev"

- Drag folders from the Finder or Windows Explorer (please note that
this has not been tested in Windows, sorry) to the left column
- Click the folder name and the media will appear in the right column
- Click a file in the right column and a preview will appear below
- Click the "Place" button to place the current media into the top
stack (please note that placed media are only placed by reference)
- To delete a folder from the list press the "Delete Key" or
"Backspace Key"
- Up and down arrow keys work
- Left and right arrow keys work too

images - http://shaosean.tk/_resources/images/revMedia_1.png
audio  - http://shaosean.tk/_resources/images/revMedia_2.png
videos - http://shaosean.tk/_resources/images/revMedia_3.png
fonts  - http://shaosean.tk/_resources/images/revMedia_4.png
objects- http://shaosean.tk/_resources/images/revMedia_5.png

004 - display containing folder in the operating system
004 - display album artwork if the audio file contains it
004 - browse and place objects from your existing object libraries

003 - display audio and video duration
003 - display video dimensions (width and height)
003 - load/unload fonts
003 - preview fonts

002 - button icons
002 - ability to embed media into your stack
002 - arrow keys work in the list fields
002 - file information displayed under the preview
002 - folder lists are stored in text files (allows your folders to
be easily moved across updates)

001 - initial release (still some work to be done for the fine tuning) 

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