the char number of char 1 of word x

Derek Bump runrev at
Sat Dec 29 16:05:14 EST 2007


I'm assuming that you mean the length of a particular word within a
string or variable...

   put length(word 4 of someVariable) into wordLength

        -- or --

   put length(word 4 of line 3 of fld "myField") into wordLength

Otherwise do you mean the number of chars that occur until the first
letter of a string?  Then that would be...

   put length(word 1 to 3 of "a sample string") - length(word 3 of "a
sample string") into charCount

Derek Bump
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Randall Lee Reetz wrote:
> How do I get the char count (number) of the first char of a particular
> word (say "word 4") of a string?
> Randall
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