Engelbart and Kay --was: Back to the Future with Hypercard

Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Fri Dec 28 14:24:54 EST 2007

Hi Judy,

You know, my "not much demand for it" comment might indeed have been a 
little cavalier. But there is a context missing. Part of my thinking is not 
just the clip art stacks but also the address, date book, charting and other 
stacks where it seems we just won't have people switching from 

My challenge would be that if there is a need for this kind of content, by 
all means let someone create it. If it's of high enough quality, it could be 
added to the RevSelect library, if not added to Revolution itself.

I think, for example, Revolution Media in particular would greatly benefit 
from these kinds of enhancement. It would be really interesting to see what 
a talented person could do to "re-imagine" the home stack and library of 
sample stacks that were included with HyperCard, using the new capabilities 
that are part of Revolution.

- Bill 

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