How download revolution 2.9 beta ?

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at
Fri Dec 28 05:39:55 EST 2007

On Dec 28, 2007 7:38 PM, Peter Alcibiades <palcibiades-first at> wrote:
> Tried to get Beta3 from within the Beta2 program.  It does indeed download, or
> says it is, and then a small window appears, and it appears from the progress
> bar to complete the download, but everything then freezes.  Tried a couple of
> times.  The small window seems to be showing a snapshot of the desktop
> contents under it when it was created.  If you drag stuff across the window
> it shows a sort of stripy repetition of what was dragged across. Never seen
> this before.   If you click all over the small window, nothing happens.
> This is on Debian Lenny, Gnome.  I'll have a go with a different desktop
> manager just to make sure.

I had to do the complete download. The "Check for updates" never
completed. This was OS X. In Mark's notification email, he gave the
direct download links, so you might be better trying that.


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