Valentina Upgrade from SuperBundle

Bill Marriott wjm at
Thu Dec 20 12:21:27 EST 2007


We'd like a PAYPAY option too! Seems that would roughly double our revenue!

Seriously, though, I believe the primary reason for not offering PayPal is 
the difficulty of integrating it with our current back-end systems, which 
automatically generate license codes and otherwise fulfill orders 
electronically. A secondary reason is the huge chunk PayPal takes out, once 
you consider their rates for handling transactions and converting 
currencies. It makes sense for items like Revolution Studio and Enterprise, 
but would hurt a lot on smaller items like Ten Thumbs Typing Tutor.

Nevertheless, we're investigating a change in our online store for 2008 and 
you may see PayPal and/or Google Checkout there eventually.

> Doesn't ease of payment garner more impulse sales?

Definitely. Actually I commend people who are purchasing for their 
determination. Improving the experience is definitely on the list. One step 
was to eliminate coupon codes for the RevSelect Bundle purchase. We put up 
an interstitial screen for people to select the appropriate bundle and 
terms. While it adds a screen, it eliminates the confusing instructions for 
coupon codes that we usually have to supply. What did you think of that? 
(Just visit the promo page at and click 
any Order Now button to see it.)

RunRev marketing guy

Stephen Barncard wrote...
> I wish REV headquarters would adopt a PAYPAY option. Its so much easier 
> for the purchaser than the minefield of clicking and entry required with 
> 'WorldPay' or whatever, followed by the dreaded "Verified By Visa" extra 
> step that didn't always work. Is this because of the international nature 
> of the transaction?
> Each time I tried to buy something from Rev, something would happen with 
> verification and inevitably lead to frustration and wasted time, and 
> Heather had to do something to fix it.

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