Caricature challenge

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Wed Dec 19 19:57:44 EST 2007

I personally find the controverses that crop up on the use list about  
4 or 5 times per year very refreshing. It's fun to read how people  
react, and tells me more about list participants then even a decade of  
technical posts. Said that, it is of course the scarcity of these  
"happenings" that make them fun, it's like having politics not all  
year round, but only on a few selected dates.

Talking about politics, the outcries never start with political (or  
controversical) stuff, but only a follow up makes them controverses.  
Interestingly most of the time these follow ups are sarcastic or  
joking one liners... maybe list mom should just ban one line replies?

I remember when someone asked about how the documentation wasn't  
exactly to his liking ("why isn't this properly documented?"), and it  
spawned more then fifty posts about business practices, prioritizing  
and even one or two documentation projects (they of course died in  
less time then the thread itself lasted). Maybe I should assemble a  
"best off-topic controversies on the use rev list" on a website,  
that'd be fun to read in a few years :D

have fun



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