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Tue Dec 18 12:00:26 EST 2007

Hi Peter,
In my doc (dictionnary), I read :

Le 7 déc. 07 à 23:46, Peter Brigham a écrit :

> I'm experimenting with blendlevels, with some success, but it's  
> trial and error, like everything. The docs say that a blendlevel of  
> 0 is transparent, 100 is opaque,

Here, in the docs of Rev 2.8.1 (Enterprise) it is :

The blendLevel of an object is an integer between zero and 100.
By default, the blendLevel property of newly created objects is set  
to 0.

If an object's blendLevel is zero, the object is fully opaque. If the  
blendLevel is 100, the object is fully transparent. Values between  
zero and 100 indicate levels of partial translucency.

> and this is true for images and other objects (nifty effects!), but  
> for stacks it's the opposite -- when I set the blendlevel of a  
> stack to 100 it's transparent, and 0 is opaque. I'm fading a splash  
> stack into view with a repeat loop in an openstack handler on card  
> 1, and I have to go back down from 100 rather than up from 0 as I  
> expected for a fade-in. This seems like a bug, no? Mac iBook G4,  
> OSX 10.4.1, Studio 2.8.1 build 471.
The following handler (in the script of the splash stack)  works here :

ON openStack
   set the blendlevel of stack "SpashStack" to "0"
   show stack "SpashStack"
   wait 2 sec
   REPEAT while the blendlevel of stack "SpashStack" < 100
     set the blendlevel of stack "SpashStack" to (the blendlevel of  
stack "SpashStack" + 1)
     wait FOR 1 ticks
   END repeat
  open stack "mainStack"
END openStack

Best regards from Grenoble

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