use-revolution Digest, Vol 51, Issue 23

kevin oneil trancepacific at
Tue Dec 18 03:39:44 EST 2007

Hi All,

Richmond was kind enough to test my software on his PowerPC Leopard
installation and experienced no problems. Therefore, I am inclined to
believe Shari's view now, that the odd Leopard bug is subject to occurrence
on both PPC and Intel. There also appears to be no type of Mac in particular
that triggers the bug. So all we know is that occasionally Leopard +
Revolution = incompatibility.

Shari has had several users report the issue and I have had 3 users report
the issue. I can't stress enough how important of an issue this in the
shareware business when you have paying customers who report such a baffling
issue. Can anyone speculate as to what exactly may cause "this software is
not compatible with this architecture" OS messages when trying to launch a
Rev standalone? Again, the other issue is that Universal Binary Rev
standalones crash when they use the RevXML external on Leopard.



 Clearly no one else reading this list has experienced this type of problem.

> I can verify this issue, as I am also having this problem.  However,
> mine fails also on Macintels too running Leopard, not just Powermacs.
> I've had SEVERAL user reports of this.  No telling how many just fail
> without telling me.  My customers are rumbling unhappily, those who
> paid for the software prior to getting a new computer and now cannot
> use it.
> Kevin, did you file a Bugzilla report?  If so, I will add to it.  Let
> me know the bug number.
> Ken, I haven't had a chance to try your build, it's tabled until
> after the holidays :-)  Just sticking my two cents in that Kevin
> isn't the only one experiencing this.
> Shari
> >Hi All,
> >
> >I have had two users report issues running my Revolution-created
> >software on Leopard. There are two things that have been reported:
> >
> >1.  When the application is launched, the OS returns an error
> >message stating that the software is "not supported on this
> >architecture"
> >2.  The application opens correctly but freezes when attempting to
> >use Revolution's XML external
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> WlND0WS and MAClNT0SH shareware games
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