You don't have one of the selected engines!

Phil Davis revdev at
Mon Dec 17 23:40:51 EST 2007

Hi Paul,

The message would normally mean the file "Standalone" is missing from 
your Mac's /Applications/<YourRevFolder>/Runtime/<PlatformName> folder. 
It does seem unlikely that your OS X UB "Standalone" file would be 
missing. Is it possible that the Windows checkbox is also checked in 
your "Standalone Application Settings" window? If this is the case and 
you've never made a Windows standalone on your Mac with 2.8.1, that 
could explain why you got the message. If I recall correctly, when this 
happens Rev will ask you to allow the downloading of the missing engine 
(aka "Standalone" file).

I may not have every detail correct above, but this at least gives you a 
trail to follow.

Phil Davis

Paul Gabel wrote:
> Hello everybody:
> I'm trying to build a standalone using Rev 2.8.1, but I keep getting 
> this error message: "You don't have one of the selected engines!" I 
> have no idea what this means or what I could be doing wrong. In the 
> Standalone Settings I chose building only for Mac OS X Universal. 
> Would someone please help me out. Thanks.
> Paul Gabel
> iMac Intel
> Leopard 10.5.1

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