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Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at
Sun Dec 16 00:40:30 EST 2007

Thanks, Bill.

Quite interesting; and, certainly, worth investigating in depth by  
any who wish to use "random" numbers in their work. Probably still  
not "really" random; but, using such huge sets from which to draw,  
probably as close as we'll ever get.

Joe Wilkins

On Dec 15, 2007, at 9:07 PM, Bill Marriott wrote:

> That is the point of the article...
> The site uses variations in atmospheric noise -- an  
> external,
> physical, unpredictable, and truly random phenomenon -- to generate  
> its
> numbers. The article describes a simple way to make use of this  
> site within
> Rev; Mark's library provides a more sophisticated way (that is also
> friendlier to the service).
> Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote ...
>> I've been under the impression from everything I've seen and read   
>> that
>> there is no such thing as a "true" random number, regardless of  what
>> language is being used. It just can't be done. That's what the   
>> experts in
>> Vegas have to say; I'm pretty sure!
>> On Dec 15, 2007, at 7:53 PM, Bill Marriott wrote:
>>> Hey this is great stuff, Mark! Thanks for letting the community   
>>> know
>>> about
>>> it.
>>> Mark Schonewille wrote...
>>>> a simple library that works with is available for    
>>>> download
>>>> at
>>>> <>. This is an  easy  
>>>> way to
>>>> retrieve true random numbers with Revolution. You can  find it  
>>>> at the
>>>> bottom of the page.
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