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tsnyder at mddev.com tsnyder at mddev.com
Sat Dec 15 14:59:21 EST 2007

I wrote a DLL for Rev which does this using SAPI 5 a few years ago. I used
it a medical app (so it's proven) that I developed which has since been
converted all to .NET.

The DLL supports a custom grammer list, as well as dictation. I'm don't
have time to make modifications to it, but contact me offlist at
tuvman at gmail.com if you're interested in licensing it or the source code.

Tuviah Snyder
Lead programmer, MediaWan
Solid State Logic, Inc.

> Hi,
> I've been working with the text to speech capabilities of Rev. Now I want
> to get into speech to text. Rev has nothing intrinsic that can help me
> with that.
> I started studying up on the MS SAPI. I was able to write a few short
> programs in VB 6 using the ActiveX voice controls.
> I know nothing about dlls other than to stay away from them. But I was
> wondering if a dll could contain the functions in the controls, which
> could then be accessed from a rev program.
> I read Chipp's discussion about dlls and VB script. It's a bit over my
> head, though I got the sense that there has to be some way to access SAPI
> for a rev program. But I'm a real novice here.
> Any ideas? I'd be willing to pay for a prototype using essential SAPI
> functions, such as getting input, outputting to a field, loading and
> unloading custom grammars, setting pause time, etc. I'm especially
> interested in voice commands.
> Thanks.
> John

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