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Scott Rossi scott at
Fri Dec 14 03:22:01 EST 2007

Recently, Bridger Maxwell wrote:

> A friend of mine cooked up a fix.  He created an automator action that
> will change all the files from png to jpg by making a new jpg image
> and pasting the png into it.  Apparently, when simply saving the png
> to a jpg (from Preview) it does not solve the problem.  This is
> definitely a Revolution problem, because the images display just fine
> in every other program, but I don't even know how to submit a bug like
> this when I am not sure what causes it or exactly why the fix works.
> Can anyone give me a hint on this?

As Jacque explained, it probably has to do with the reading (or lack
thereof) of gamma information in the file.

FWIW, you might want to see this post from September:


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