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Fri Dec 14 01:19:00 EST 2007

Peter Brigham wrote:

> So to make it look like a standard Window app, I should place the button 
> group at the top of the window and put a gray/tan rectangular graphic 
> behind it, spanning the width of the card, below the titlebar? And hide 
> the graphic for the Mac version? Or will it be hidden anyway when the 
> top 20 pixels (or whatever) is clipped for the Mac build?

Right, put the group at the top of the card. I wouldn't add an extra 
graphic, I'd just set the backcolor of the group itself, which is easier 
and avoids creating an extra object. But if you did add a graphic, it 
should scroll out of sight as you'd expect.

But, if the backcolor of the stack is empty, the stack will use the 
Windows UI colors by default. If you also leave the menu group's 
backcolor empty, it will pick up the UI colors too. That's what I 
usually do if the stack design allows it.

If your stack is resizeable and you've set the group's border to show, 
you may want to add a "resizeStack" handler to the menu group script 
that sets the width of the group to the width of the card. Then when 
your stack is resized, the menu group will expand to fit the new width 
so that the border extends all the way across. Pass the message at the 
end of the handler so your stack script can catch it. If the group's 
showborder property is false or the stack isn't resizeable, this isn't 

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