Images Miscolored

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Thu Dec 13 14:07:57 EST 2007

Bridger Maxwell wrote:
> Hey,
>   I am experiencing an odd problem with the way some images in my stack
> created on Leopard show up on Tiger.  Their colors get off.  Some grey
> images end up with a very distinctive blue tint.  I can't quite pinpoint the
> cause though.  The problem does not happen to all images, but I can't figure
> out a pattern.  It can be an image referenced by filename, or imported into
> the stack.  I thought maybe it is only the images I created in Photoshop
> CS3, but others display just fine. 

I wonder if this is due to the png file format, which stores gamma 
information and displays differently on various machines. Does it only 
happen with pngs? Does it happen if you save the images as jpg instead?

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