Menubar on Windows???

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Peter Brigham wrote:

> (I don't want a bunch of buttons just inside 
> the top of the window rect, I want the usual Windows menu placement.) 
> Does it choose whatever button group is visible, as long as it contains 
> at least one "pulldown" style button? Does the group have to be at the 
> top of the stack window? Do you have to specify in the Standalone 
> Builder somewhere in the Windows preferences which button group to use 
> as the menu for the window? In short, how do it know, in Windows??? 
> Please would someone explain, in small words.

Rev doesn't "know" per se that you have a menu bar on a Windows stack 
(except in the case of Vista, as Ken mentioned, where setting the 
menubar will apply the Vista colors and behaviors to the menus.) The 
menu group really does sit at the top of the card, just under the window 
frame. If you position the mouse just under the menu bar and ask for the 
mouseV, you won't get "0" (which is what you'd get if the menubar were 
outside the window), you get the height of the menubar group instead. 
The menu takes up space on the card, and is part of the card contents.

Rev doesn't move the menu group on Windows OS or pay any attention to 
its position. You could easily place a menu group in the center of the 
card, and it would stay there. If you want standard Windows placement, 
put the menu group at the top of the card (which is where Rev positions 
it when you use the Menu Builder.) The colors you choose for the 
background and borders of the group can make the menu bar appear to be 
part of the window frame if you like.

Menus on Windows aren't particularly special; they are just regular 
groups with a bunch of pulldown buttons, and they stay where you put 
them. Rev doesn't "choose" a menu group; you could theoretically line up 
several on the same card and Rev wouldn't care.

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