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Wed Dec 12 21:40:05 EST 2007

Eric Chatonet wrote:

> Hi Dave,
> Le 12 déc. 07 à 15:32, Dave a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> Ok, I understand this a bit better now, but one thing still
>> confuses me. How does it know that the Menubar group is a Menubar
>> group and not some other group with button in it?
> Any group that contains at least a button the style of which is
> "pulldown" is considered by Rev as a 'possible' menu bar.
>> I understand I can create as many Menubars as are needed and hide/
>> show them etc. But how does it know which one to use? What if there
>> is more than one visible Menubar?
> Rev does not mind which menu bar to use on Windows:
> It's up to you to manage this and to show one menu bar only at a
> time :-)
> On Win, the menu bar is a group of Rev buttons and as any other
> control, you can show or hide it.
> As a menubar group is opaque, it depends also on the layering.
> Best regards from Paris,
> Eric Chatonet.

I'm sorry, but I guess my lack of experience with Windows (and lack  
of access to a Windows machine) leaves me stupid about this, so I'm  
going to beat the dead horse again.

With Windows, the menubar appears at the top of the window not at the  
top of the screen as with the Mac, I get this -- but it still appears  
above the content pane (the rect) of the window, as part of the  
"frame", not as part of the content pane. Any group of buttons I make  
for a menu will appear (in the IDE) somewhere in the rect of my  
stack. In OSX you "set the menubar to" the intended group, and it  
gets moved out of the rect of the window up to the top of the screen.

How does Windows know which button group to move from the window rect  
up to the frame of the window? (I don't want a bunch of buttons just  
inside the top of the window rect, I want the usual Windows menu  
placement.) Does it choose whatever button group is visible, as long  
as it contains at least one "pulldown" style button? Does the group  
have to be at the top of the stack window? Do you have to specify in  
the Standalone Builder somewhere in the Windows preferences which  
button group to use as the menu for the window? In short, how do it  
know, in Windows??? Please would someone explain, in small words.

-- Peter

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