Rev Holiday Bundle - Holy Cow, Batman!

Bill Marriott wjm at
Wed Dec 12 13:17:47 EST 2007

Hi Luis,

I'm not sure if you're saying the fine print is good or bad :) Hopefully 
there's nothing frightening about it. The main limitation is the 
updates/upgrades... and we just can't offer this kind of deal ($1886.65 of 
value-added software) for the price of a Studio early update pack (for 
example). The participating RevSelect vendors have to be paid for their 
products, after all. For $399, here's what you get:

Programming Productivity
Revolution Studio  ....$399.00
  (new license or 1yr extension)
NEW GLX2 Script Editor  ....$99.00
tm|Gauges  ....$99.00
tm|Color & tm|Gradient  ....$18.00

Business Add-Ons
NEW Quartam PDF  ....$149.00
Quartam Reports Express  ....$129.00

Industrial-Strength Database
Valentina 2 for Macintosh  ....$199.00
Valentina 2 for Windows  ....$199.00

Multimedia Utilities
tm|Audio  ....$79.00
Animation Engine 2.1  ....$49.00
ScreenSteps  ....$39.95
Professional Iconography
IconPeople Centaury  ....$99.00
IconPeople Valerian  ....$99.00
IconPeople Aspen  ....$99.00

Audio Clips
Mojo Audio Explosions  ....$19.95
Mojo Audio Interface  ....$19.95
Mojo Audio Arcade  ....$19.95
Mojo Audio Sci-Fi  ....$19.95
Mojo Audio Motor  ....$19.95
Mojo Audio Magic Spells  ....$19.95
Elven Village Vols. 1 & 2  ....$80.00
Halfling Village Vols. 1 & 2  ....$80.00

Professional Development
NEW RunRevLive Day 1 Pass  ....$250.00

TOTAL RETAIL VALUE  ....$2,285.65 (You pay $399)

In short, nothing like this bundle has ever come along before. So I really 
recommend giving it serious consideration if you want to get a comprehensive 
collection of Revolution goodies for a great price.

- Bill
RunRev marketing guy

"Luis" <luis at> wrote in message 
news:BD5C06FB-08DB-4CBF-978A-F1CFE64157C3 at
Small Print from that page:

Offer terms: Receive the RevSelect bundle when you pay the full
retail price for Revolution Studio ($399 or £199 for customers
outside the USA) or Revolution Enterprise ($999/£499). Active license
holders and recent purchasers may choose to extend their license by
one year in lieu of receiving a new license. Not valid with update
packs or upgrades. Training is offered at the RunRevLive conference
on 8th May 2008; travel and lodging not included. See http:// for details. Not valid in combination with any
other offer. Promotion valid only from December 10, 2007 through
January 10, 2008.



On 12 Dec 2007, at 16:59, Jerry Daniels wrote:

> Fellow coders, revolutionaries, anarchists, nihilists, babies and  lovers 
> of light-love-levity...
> Have you checked out the Revolution Mega Holiday Bundle? http:// 
> NEVER have I seen such a package of goodies under a Christmas tree-- 
> and I mean that in a Dr. Bronner's All-in-one-faith-God way!  Enhancements 
> to Revolution (and our work products thereof) worth  over a couple of thou 
> in USD. For the price of Revolution! Such a  deal!!
> Many thanks to Kevin, Heather, Bill, Robin and the whole Rev gang  for 
> putting together such a great offer--and a beautiful landing  page on top 
> of it all! Our ability to deliver killer apps and  utilities just got much 
> better.
> Some additional benefits to the Mega Bundle above and beyond the  money 
> (thousands!) saved:
> 1. If you love celebrating the holidays, this is one great way to  do it.
> 2. If you hate the holidays, this is one great way to make them go  away.
> 3. If you need something to do over the holidays to get away from  in-laws 
> and others who don't understand the power of new icons,  industrial 
> databases, self-navigating code, click-click-snap-snap  tutorial writing, 
> new sound effects and color gradient tools...THIS  is it.
> Check it out, dudes and dudettes!
> Much love from the heart of Texas,
> Your buddy, Jerry
> Daniels & Mara, Inc.
> Makers of GLX2

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