Rev Holiday Bundle - Holy Cow, Batman!

Bill Marriott wjm at
Wed Dec 12 13:03:26 EST 2007

Hi Peter,

Don't despair too soon.

I heard a rumor that GLX2 actually runs swimmingly under Linux with Rev 2.9 
beta. (Of course you get 2.9 for free with this bundle deal.) Quartam's 
products I *think* should also run ok.

As for Valentina, they do have a Revolution engine for Linux; perhaps you 
might be able to work out a deal with Paradigma. It's definitely worth an 
email to them to find out.

- Bill

"Peter Alcibiades" 
<palcibiades-first at> wrote in message 
news:200712121713.55802.palcibiades-first at
> Its a very attractive proposition...Very attracive indeed.  But not quite 
> so
> attractive if you're running Linux.  Because in that case you don't get
> Valentina, and the Galaxy editor doesn't come for Linux, and neither does
> Quartam..
> Soooo...  Maybe the next one.  And back to sqlite for my database, and 
> awk,
> that throwback to prehistory, for my reports....
> Awk is pretty good, if you know it already, he said bravely, hoping they 
> would
> not laugh.
> Peter
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