Menubar on Windows???

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Dec 11 10:36:57 EST 2007

Dave wrote:
> This is what I don't understand. How to I set the "menu group" on  
> Windows? I can (and have set it and it works ok on Mac). I have a  
> Menubar group in a stack called "MenuBar" how can I use this menubar  
> group as the menu bar for the current stack under Windows?

 From the Rev Dictionary entry for "menubar":

    On Mac OS systems, when a stack's menubar property is set,
    the stack is scrolled and resized on Mac OS systems so that
    the group is not visible in the stack window. (On Unix and
    Windows systems, this is not necessary, since the menu bar
    is normally displayed in the window.)

On Windows (and pretty every other OS but Mac), the convention is the 
have menus at the top of the window.  Only Mac detaches them to have a 
separate menu bar at the top of the monitor.  To facilitate this, the 
menuBar property of a stack defines a group in a stack which will be 
automatically scrolled out of view when run on OS X, but will appear in 
place on all other systems.

While contrary to convention, it's possible to have a menu bar on 
Windows which is separate from the stack.  In fact, Rev does this, and 
one of the products we develop here does also (though we're in the 
process of redesigning it to adhere to convention in the next version).

To have a separate menu bar on Windows just build the menu group in a 
separate stack and open it as palette so that it doesn't get covered by 
the other windows in your application.

If your other windows are resizable you can also adjust the 
windowBoundingRect property to account for your menubar stack, so 
zooming won't submarine the top of the document below the menu stack.

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